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Our residents overcome many hardships and obstacles to transition to self-sufficient living. We encourage and work with our residents to develop life skills, financial management skills, and job skills. We invest in their lives. These stories illustrate how we have helped over 700 families achieve stability and financial independence.

Names have been changed to protect their privacy.

Rafael & Lila

Rafael & Lila were guided to Marshall County Home Place through a church outreach ministry. Rafael worked for a landscape company as a summer contract worker, and when the summer season ended, his hours were cut. With reduced income, Rafael couldn't pay rent, so he and Lila were evicted. Rafael couldn't read, and he didn't realize that his taxes were not being deducted from his paycheck because he was a contract worker. In addition to owing back taxes to the IRS, Rafael owed back child support.

Lila, who had been abused as a child, had been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and PTSD from her abuse. She was unstable and unable to work regularly in a job. In addition, she also owed back child support from a previous marriage.

Home Place was able to help Rafael find employment with full benefits, to negotiate new child support payments, and to work out an agreement with the IRS for his back taxes; additionally, Rafael learned how to manage his finances and how to budget his money. Home Place helped Lila file for SSI benefits and to seek mental health treatment. Her back child support was also negotiated and cleared.

Rafael and Lila didn't have transportation, so a generous donor provided a car so that Rafael could get to work. Because Home Place was able to provide support and a free place to live temporarily, Rafael and Lila are now able to pay their bills and live independently.


When Louise came to Marshall County Home Place, she had no money, transportation, or place to live. She had worked and saved all her life, but after a knee injury, she was no longer able to work or support herself.


After filing for disability through Social Security, Louise used all of her savings for rent and basic necessities. She hoped that the disability income would be awarded before her money ran out.


Home Place was able to provide free housing and support to Louise for 5 months until her disability request was approved. She can now afford to pay her bills and live independently.


Stacey, a single mother, and her infant daughter came to Home Place because she had nowhere to go and could not afford to pay rent and utilities. She was in debt due to consumer loans and a car payment.


Home Place provided support and a free, safe place for Stacey and her daughter to live so that she could work and pay her debts. She was also able to start saving money. 


After living at Home Place for a year, Stacey has reunited with her family  and is working toward having a home of her own.

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